About us

Our story

Junlu Perfume is establish in 2022. Although we are a newly established company, our founders have 8 years of experience in the field of perfume, especially in the field of perfume export. After experiencing COVID-19, our founder believes that there is still a lot of room for growth in the global fragrance business. Under such conditions, Junlu Perfume was born, and our wish is "Let Junlu perfume to be well-known."

In the beginning, our purpose was just to build a factory to process products for the world's major perfume brands. But then we wanted to use perfume to give people a sense of comfort and warmth, especially a sense of home when they are commuting when they are in a stressful environment. Because we know that smell is the longest memory that can stay in human feeling, the stimulation of smell can often remind people of the deep memory hidden in the brain. To this end, we created the brand "Junlu Perfume", hoping that our products will alleviate people's worries, not just clean the air.

Our products are available in supermarkets, at gas stations, at our distributors and in our online store. We are also constantly looking for partners interested in selling the Junlu Perfume fragrances. And we also accept CEM / CDM.